Cutesy Cakes

by Jenn

Choose A Size

- Six Inch Three Layers   $30

- Eight Inch Two Layers  $45

- Ten Inch Two Layers     $60 

(Available in Square or Round. Add Another Layer for $10)


- Plain       $20

- Oreo        $25                            Eight Inches

- Pumpkin  $25  (Seasonal)

(Fresh Fruit Toppings Are An Additional $10-Strawberry, Cherry, Blueberry, etc.)

*Double Layer Eight Inch Cakes

with Cheesecake Filling Starting at $50 

Choose A Flavor

- Chocolate Cake with Mousse 

- Red Velvet with Cream Cheese

- Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Custard 

- Chocolate Cake with Cookies and Cream


- Chocolate Chip

- Snickerdoodle                         

- Gingerbread (Seasonal)         

​- Sugar

Cake Pops

One Dozen $24


- Cheesecake

- Red Velvet

- Walnut

- M&M's


9X13 Tray 



One Dozen $20

(Toppers are available at an additional fee).


                                           *Cupcake and Cake Pop Bouquets Are                                                       Available Upon Request



- Apple Crumb

- Pecan

- Pumpkin (Seasonal)

- Chocolate Silk Pie

- Coconut Custard

Eight Inches


Choose A Gourmet Flavor

​- Chocolate Cake with Black Forest Cherry 

- Chocolate Cake with Cookie Dough

- Vanilla Sponge with Fresh Fruit 

​- Tres Leches with Whipped Cream

- Pina Colada with Shredded Coconut

(Additional $10per cake size)

Black Cake

- Caribbean Rum Cake Eight Inches  $20

​(Contains Alcohol)

Wedding/Party Trays Available

One Dozen