​​​Cutesy Cakes by Jenn

Every cake is special.

​​Welcome to Cutesy Cakes!


I'm Jenn, the baker behind Cutesy Cakes.

I have been passionate about baking since I learned how to use an oven. I started out by baking cakes and cupcakes for my friends and family. Soon the word got out and business was booming. I decided to open my own bakery, Cutesy Cakes.

As a baker, I enjoy challenging myself. My free time is spent in the kitchen creating new, fresh, and delicious goodies. Whether it's staying up until 1 am perfecting my Ermine Buttercream, or waking up before sunrise to bake banana bread with pecans, I pride myself on providing nothing but the best for my customers.

My original, homemade creations, have brought so many loyal customers. Thanks to all of your support, I am now proud to say that baking is now my full-time job!

Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding, graduation, or even a promotion? How many guests are you expecting, 2 or 200? No matter the event, or the number of guests, Cutesy Cake is at your service!

P.S. You have asked and I have delivered! Literally! Delivery is now available.

Call Jenn to place your customized order today!! 

Phone. 1+860.992.7554